Why Do People Still Love Quilting?

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Most people would frown upon the idea of quilting. Isn’t that what grandma’s do? Why bother piecing little squares of fabrics together when you can easily buy a warm blanket from the market? It would save both time and energy right?
Historically, quilting was a utilitarian craft. People needed quilts to keep warm at night. Resources were scares in general so small pieces of fabric, however way they were found, were stitched together to make a larger piece of fabric.
However today, quilting is way more than what it once was. Quilts have evolved from being a mere utensil to something much more important to those who thrive in the making process of it. Want to know why it is so significant? Read below to find out!

To cherish a moment
Many of those who have inherited quilts from their grandmothers or great grandmothers would say that they cherish that piece of fabric. Because it is more than just a piece of cloth. The effort and love that went in to its making, that idea of it being made especially for you, or your family, to be handed down generations, is an idea which brings warmth to anyone. It is almost a legacy. And even if you don’t have such a tradition, you can be the beginner of one. There are more than enough easy hand quilting designs that can be accessed in the market. Even if you were not lucky enough to have your own quilt handed to you from your relatives, quilting is your way to start your own legacy.

It is an artistic expression
If inquired from a lover of quilting, they would vouch for the fact that a quilt, in itself is an artistic expression. Just like painters paint pictures by using different colours, musicians compose music by using different notes, quilters gather different fabrics to make a quilt. And in doing so, the matching of colours, patters and the overall design tells a story of its own. Just as a painter uses a canvas to portray is story, a quilter could use quilting frames for hand quilting to make their expression more meaningful.

Improve one’s mental health
Many would spend hours on doing yoga or whatever other expensive method to attain mental health. But quilting, not only helps the quilter but will eventually benefit another, when made use of. Many studies have shown that quilting can have a direct effect on one’s health. Quilting is almost like a meditation. The hand stitching involved includes concentration and patience. It takes time and commitment. Quilting is an enjoyable process, and seeing one’s creations draped over a sofa or hung on the wall will inevitable bring an immense sense of satisfaction and pride. Additionally, the excitement of the finished product or a table scattered with diverse colours of fabric would bring about much relaxation!

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